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Haunted Spots in Colonial Williamsburg to Visit this Fall

The 24 Seven Storage Team | October 11, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, is renowned for its rich history, from lively reenactments to cobbled streets and colonial architecture. However, with a past that stretches back centuries, it's no wonder that when night falls and the moon rises, whispers of hauntings begin. From tales of former inhabitants who refuse to leave to eerie encounters at historic sites, Williamsburg's haunted past is sure to thrill both locals and tourists. As the leaves turn and the air cools, prepare to uncover the city's spectral secrets. Here are some haunted hotspots to explore this fall.

The Peyton Randolph House

Revered as the most haunted building in Williamsburg, the Peyton Randolph House's past is marked by tragedies from diseases, wars, and domestic disputes. The numerous reports from visitors and staff alike tell tales of sightings of ghostly soldiers, playful children, and a mysterious woman in a white dress. Some have even claimed to feel sudden cold spots or been pushed or tripped by unseen forces. The house, with its storied past, remains a must-visit for those intrigued by the paranormal.

The Public Gaol (Jail)

Having served as Williamsburg's primary jail for over half a century, the Public Gaol has seen its share of despair. Housing everyone from runaway slaves and pirates to the mentally ill, the heavy atmosphere and echoes of anguished souls can be felt within its walls. Visitors frequently comment on the eerie, suffocating atmosphere and the undeniable sensation of being watched. The aged brickwork and timeworn cells bear silent witness to countless tales of suffering and sorrow.

The Capitol Building

With a storied history, the old Capitol Building naturally has its fair share of spectral tales. Beyond the usual mysterious footsteps and murmurs, some visitors have reported seeing ghostly figures in colonial attire, especially during the hush of twilight. Phantom debates and whispered conspiracies from centuries ago seem to reverberate in the corridors. The feeling of being in the presence of those from a bygone era is especially potent as dusk falls.

Market Square Tavern

As a former inn and residence of Virginia’s inaugural theatrical company, the Market Square Tavern has long been a stage for both the living and the spectral. Guests and staff have recounted eerie episodes, from ghostly sightings to unsettling sounds. The most frequent of these tales is the ghost of John Randolph, who some say continues his passionate debates from the afterlife. His passion for discourse, it seems, transcends even death.

Bruton Parish Church and Graveyard

A peaceful place by day, the church and its adjoining graveyard take on a mysterious aura as night falls. Haunted by a headless woman and a mysterious lady in white, the graveyard has been the site of numerous supernatural occurrences. Visitors often speak of cold spots, unexplained mists, and eerie sensations near certain tombstones. At the Bruton Parish Church and Graveyard, the centuries-old trees and ancient graves create an ambience perfect for those looking for a supernatural experience.

Shields Tavern

Historical records indicate that families once lived in the space that is now Shields Tavern, and it seems that some members have never left. Guests frequently speak of hearing the playful giggles of children, footsteps echoing on wooden floors, and the apparition of a young woman in colonial attire. These spirits seem attached to the tavern, perhaps recalling happier days. Both staff and patrons have their tales, making it a hotbed of spectral activity.

Wythe House

The stately Wythe House is as renowned for its architectural grandeur as it is for its resident spirits. The most frequently sighted is Lady Ann Skipwith, who roams the hallways, often leaving mysterious footprints behind, particularly on rain-soaked nights. The echoing sounds of colonial-era music and distant conversations have also been reported, suggesting that the house remains a lively hub in the afterlife.

8. William & Mary College

As the second oldest college in the U.S., William & Mary's grounds are steeped in both academic achievements and spectral tales. The legend of the Wren Building is particularly chilling, where, during the Civil War, amputated limbs were reportedly discarded in the basement. Today, phantom limbs, shadows, and mournful cries have been reported by both students and visitors. The college's deep history seems to reverberate with both the living and the spirits.

Ghost Tours in Williamsburg

For those intrigued by Williamsburg's haunted past and seeking a more guided experience, several ghost tours operate in the city. Led by knowledgeable guides well-versed in local lore, these nocturnal adventures combine history with a touch of supernatural suspense, offering insights into both the past and the paranormal. From haunted homes to spectral streets, these tours promise to thrill and inform in equal measure.

A Word of Caution

Exploring these haunted sites promises adventure, but it's vital to do so with respect. These places are significant not just for their ghostly tales but also for their historical and cultural importance. Treading lightly and leaving no trace ensures that these sites remain preserved for future generations.

As autumn descends upon Colonial Williamsburg, the city's tales of the supernatural come alive. With its rich history and storied past, Williamsburg invites both skeptics and believers to explore its haunted locales. As you walk the city streets, listening to whispers of the past, you'll find that the line between history and the supernatural often blurs. So, this fall, are you ready to meet the ghosts of Williamsburg?

The 24 Seven Storage Team
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