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Beyond the Sand and Surf in Virginia Beach

The 24 Seven Storage Team | February 20, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Diving deeper into the unusual and quirky aspects of Virginia Beach reveals a city full of surprises and hidden gems that defy the typical tourist expectations. From its record-holding coastline to its transformation from a landfill to a celebrated eco-park, Virginia Beach is a place where history, nature, and innovation converge in unexpected ways.

The Longest Stretch of Pleasure Beach

Virginia Beach proudly boasts the title for the "longest stretch of pleasure beach" in the world, as recognized by the Guinness World Records. This expansive 35-mile coastline offers ample space for relaxation and recreation, far from the cramped conditions of smaller beaches. This fact alone sets Virginia Beach apart as a destination where the beach experience is redefined by its sheer scale.


The city is also a haven for those who prefer to shop locally and sustainably. With over 8,000 acres of fertile farmland in the Pungo Community, visitors can indulge in the freshest produce directly from the source. The ViBe Creative District further exemplifies the city's support for local artisans, offering everything from art galleries to locally sourced dining options, showcasing Virginia Beach's commitment to community and sustainability.

First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park intertwines the rich tapestry of American history with outdoor adventure. As the site of the first landing of the Jamestown colonists in 1607, the park is not just a natural oasis but a living museum. Its diverse ecosystems and historical significance offer a unique blend of education and recreation, making it a must-visit for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

Mount Trashmore

Mount Trashmore Park stands as a testament to Virginia Beach's innovative approach to environmental conservation. What once was a landfill has been transformed into a beloved eco-park, demonstrating the possibilities of sustainable urban development. This park, with its recreational facilities and role as a venue for the city's 4th of July fireworks, embodies the spirit of transformation and renewal.

The Boardwalk

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk, with its origins dating back to 1888, has evolved from a simple wooden walkway to a modern promenade that captivates millions of visitors each year. Its reconstruction over the years, including the rebuilding after a devastating fire and the reinforcement against Nor'easter storms, reflects the city's resilience and dedication to providing a welcoming and dynamic waterfront experience.


Virginia Beach's surfing heritage is celebrated through the East Coast Surfing Championships, the longest-running surf contest in the world. This annual event not only highlights the city's surf-friendly waves but also its inclusive and welcoming surf community, distinguishing Virginia Beach as a premier surf destination that contrasts with the more territorial surf spots found elsewhere.

The Norwegian Lady Statues

The Norwegian Lady Statues, serving as a poignant reminder of the maritime connections between Virginia Beach and its sister city Moss in Norway, symbolize the enduring bonds forged by shared history and tragedy. The story behind these statues, stemming from the shipwreck of a Norwegian vessel in 1891, adds a layer of historical depth and international camaraderie to the Virginia Beach boardwalk.

The 24 Seven Storage Team
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